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Dr. Chirag Patel, MKin, MD, FRCP(c)

One of the most respected radiologists in Calgary, Dr. Chirag Patel not only diagnoses and treats bone and joint issues, he works to reverse them. With a sub-specialty in musculoskeletal radiology, Dr. Patel is one of 57 partners at EFW Radiology – a provider of comprehensive diagnostic and interventional imaging services in Calgary and surrounding areas. With 14 clinics, EFW is a leader in the field.

Together with his MSK radiologist colleagues, he treats patients, including recreational athletes, Olympians and non-athletes alike, at all EFW clinics. “We have a large interventional component in our practice,” he says. “This includes many pain management procedures.” Various bone and joint issues —including chronic pain, arthritis and acute injuries — are treated at the Advanced Spinal Care Centres (ASCCs).

“The majority of treatments involve injections into the structures that are causing pain,” Dr. Patel says, “to first confirm what’s causing the pain and then to provide relief from that pain for an extended period.” Corticosteroids and freezing are commonly injected. Radio-frequency neurotomies (cauterization of the pain nerve) are also performed. Working with partner Dr. Arun Gupta, at the MSK Regeneration and Performance Centre, diagnostic ultrasounds of soft-tissues (tendons, muscles and ligaments) are performed. Conditions treated include rotator cuff, bursitis, tennis elbow and Achilles tendon issues. Regenerative medicine is also practiced. “We inject not only to treat pain, but also to cause some reparative effect — to cause healing,” Dr. Patel says. Prolotherapy (injection of substances to induce inflammation and healing), Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (injection of platelets containing pro-inflammatory mediators and healing elements) and tenotomy (cutting a tendon to convert a chronic issue into an acute injury) are offered. All procedures are performed with image guidance — fluoroscopy (live x-rays) at the Advanced Spinal Care Centres and ultrasound at the MSK Regeneration and Performance Centre. EFW Radiology is a partner in the community with the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, Alpine Canada, Alberta PGA and all of Calgary’s varsity teams.

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