The Ryan Atkins Workout

Get your OCR game in shape

Ryan Atkins
Ryan Atkins training for OCR. Photo: Fred Webster

If you want to race like Ryan Atkins, you have to start by working out like Ryan Atkins. Here’s the kind of work the King of OCR does to keep race ready. It’s a good, quick OCR simulation workout that you can do almost anywhere.

Find somewhere, preferably on trails, where you can perform 400-metre runs. Running out 400m and back 400m is fine. Also, find something heavy to carry. A cut down log is great and easy to find in the forest. Alternatively, sand bags, or dumbbells are great too. Aim for 15-35kg of total weight.

Put a stopwatch on your workout and repeat it in 2-4 weeks to see where you are improving.


  • Run 1K


  • Run 400m, 5 burpees
  • Run 400m, 5 pull-ups with a squat in between each
  • Run 400m, 10 jump lunge squats per leg
  • Run 400m, Carry heavy weight 200m

Repeat 2 times, then finish with:

  • Run 400m



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