Spin the Wheel

Bike workouts raise your chances of winning the fitness lottery


Spin classes are a great way to energize your day. Here are five reasons to incorporate spinning in your weekly workout regimen.

  1. Spinning leaves you with a higher sense of focus and concentration. A spin class becomes an outlet for daily stress.
  2. Spinning can be used as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The benefits of HIIT are many, including increases in leg strength and power, and development of the anaerobic energy systems, which help continue burning calories hours after class.
  3. Spinning can increase your lean muscle mass and overall power. When you exercise and care for your body, you feel better about yourself.
  4. Spin class is a great aerobic workout that builds your cardiovascular health.
  5. Spinning pumps you full of feel-good hormones and decreases those associated with stress, such as cortisol and adrenaline.
Spin the Wheel

5 To Feel Alive

Here are five exercises you can do on your trainer or spin bike to build power, isolate muscles and get a good sweat going. When in active recovery, stay in the 60-70 per cent max heart rate zone.

1. Power

Form: Get your resistance to an 8/10 effort level. Lean all the way back over the end of your saddle, belly button in, long spine. Isolate hips and use the power of your legs to drop the pedals down with a flat foot and locked ankle.

  • 6 X 40 seconds with 40 seconds active recovery
  • Reps: 1

2. Sprints

Form: Tail bone all the way back in saddle to avoid bouncing.

  • 8 X 20 second sprint with 10 second recovery
  • Reps: 3

3. Lower Grip Hill

Form: Get your resistance to a 9/10 effort level. Sit back in the saddle with tailbone down. Focus on strength to lift the weight of the wheel and achieve a powerful pedal stroke.

  • 5 X 2 minutes with 60 seconds active recovery
  • Reps: 2

4. Isolation 1

Form: Stand tall on your bike with hips forward, shoulders down and back, belly button pulled in. All movement comes from the hips down. Isolate legs and hit a strong challenging pace that leaves your legs burning.

  • 8 X 30 seconds with 30 seconds active recovery
  • Reps: 2

5. Isolation 2

Form: Place hips just over the front of your saddle. Body is lower with hands gently placed under handle bars. Shoulders are down and back, belly button pulled in, resistance 7/10.

  • 4 X 40 seconds with 40 seconds active recovery
  • Reps: 3


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