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The 2014 IMPACT Sockie Awards

IMPACT’s Test Team hit the streets and trails with an arsenal of new socks, logging hundreds of kilometres in eight of the best running socks on the market. Over two months, our testers ran them through mud and sweat, heat and stress and, finally, through the wash to see how they stood up. Here’s how our team rated each sock and their no-holds barred comments for IMPACT’s inaugural great sock off. And The Sockies go to . . .


  • SO14 Sockies Swiftwick
    $16 | Nylon/Olefin/Spandex
    Arch Support, Anti Microbial

    Wins: Best Fit, Best Comfort, Most Durable

    A crowd-pleaser, the Swiftwick Aspire is a versatile wicking machine that could be your best friend for long trail runs and road races. It has a little bit of compression and leaves no blisters — really! Plus, if you’re not happy with your pair, the kind folks at Swiftwick will replace them.

    Overall 8.6 | Fit 8.9 | Comfort 8.7 | Wicking 8.7 | Durability 8.9 | Anti-blister 8.9
  • SO14 Sockies Balega
    $14 | Drynamix/Nylon
    Arch Support

    Wins: Best Wicking, Best for Road

    IMPACT testers were fans of this low-profile sock. There are different styles for men and women with fun colours. Made with a blend of materials, including mohair, it might be a bit hot for summer, so save this for your fall and winter training.
    Overall 8.3 | Fit 8.7 | Comfort 8.4 | Wicking 8.9 | Durability 8.6 | Anti-blister 9
  • SO14 Sockies DarnTough
    $17 | Merino Wool/Nylon
    Arch Support, Anti Microbial

    Wins: Best for Trail

    A lifetime warranty means you’ll never run out of a tough sock that can keep up with you wherever you are. They wick, they’re comfortable, they’re durable, blisters run away scared from the merino wool and they come in a variety of colours.
    Overall 8.2 | Fit 8.3 | Comfort 8.1 | Wicking 8.6 | Durability 8.4 | Anti-blister 8.9
  • SO14 Sockies Merrell
    $15 | MerinoMax
    Arch Support, Anti Microbial

    Wins: Best for Anti-blister

    This sock has a gender-specific fit so both camps can be happy on their runs. Go ahead and wash this bad boy, it’ll hold up to the suds and it has a three-year guarantee!
    Overall 8.2 | Fit 8 | Comfort 8 | Wicking 8.2 | Durability 8.4 | Anti-blister 9.2
  • SO14 Sockies Fit
    $15 | Merino Wool/Nylon
    Arch Support, Anti Microbial

    The package says, “Buy 2 pair! One for yourself and one for the friend who’s gonna snatch ’em.” This sock performed well across all categories. Ladies are in luck for flashy patterns and colours, guys not so much. If you don’t like the fit, you can trade them in for the right size for up to 30 days.

    Overall 8.3 | Fit 8 | Comfort 7.8 |Wicking 8.5 | Durability 8.3 | Anti-blister 8.5
  • SO14 Sockies Adidas
    $10 | ClimaLite
    Arch Support, Anti Microbial

    Wins: Best Value

    This low-profile lightweight strategically padded sock is designed to fit your left and right foot perfectly. Adidas’ ClimaLite fabric helps with wicking to keep your feet dry. A  great everyday running sock that could be used for track work and shorter races.

    Overall 7.8 | Fit 8 | Comfort 8 | Wicking 7.8 | Durability 8.5 | Anti-blister 8.3
  • SO14Sockies Thorlo
    $16 | Acrylic/Nylon
    Arch Support

    This sock is the bulky cousin of the bunch. Warm and thick, IMPACT testers found it comfier to wear around the house than on the trails. May be best for winter running or skiing adventures.

    Overall 6.9 | Fit 6.9 | Comfort 7.4 | Wicking 6.5 | Durability 7.8 | Anti-blister 7.3
  • SO14 Sockies PTX
    $25 | Nylon/Spandex
    Arch Support

    Wins: Best Tech

    These socks come with their own laundry bag and left some reviewers skeptical. In the end the silicone gel packs on the heels, designed to increase stability and comfort, won over a handful of our testers, but this sock isn’t for everyone.

    Overall 7.4 | Fit 7.6 | Comfort 6.6 | Wicking 7.4 | Durability 8 | Anti-blister 7.8